During the last several years, we’ve endured trauma on a global scale. We have lost loved ones, social freedoms, and financial security.

Our core beliefs and fortitude have been shaken to the core. Repeated disappointments have become disillusionment that settles over us like a paralyzing fog.

The institutions and relationships that we once trusted have failed us.

This leaves you feeling


with the world, and your future.
How do you navigate such uncertain times with confidence and resilience?
How do you lead your families and businesses when you can’t see the next step?

My passion for supporting others comes from knowing that disillusionment, left unaddressed, becomes hopelessness. I also believe that no one should go through life alone. Experience taught me that disillusionment could be overcome by resilience and the proper support.
Why should you trust me?
I put myself through college, toiled through sixty-hour work weeks, became a global road warrior, and rose to the top of my profession, making well into six figures. I have been successful in the trenches. While consulting for my clients was rewarding, it was not ultimately fulfilling. It was not feeding my desire for adventure. So, after more than thirty years, I walked away. One day I was an international tax partner of a global accounting firm, and the next day I jumped 100% into a new adventure. I completed a MA of Counseling and Mental Health Sciences during the pandemic at Concordia Irvine. I had the experience but knew I needed the psychoanalytic training. You see, coaches are not trained to identify and address mental health issues that can sabotage your success. Similarly, mental health counselors seldom have real-world business experience that allows them to coach with first-hand knowledge. I am uniquely qualified to support you to regain momentum and direction, to clear the fog, because I have both the academic training and the experience. I may be your best coach; let’s find out on a free call! 

Aspire Coaching exists to empower you to tap into the practical actions that make your life better.

My four-step process ZEAL will help you to zoom in on a clear vision, erase limiting beliefs, put new ways of thinking into action, and leverage new resources so that each move is a step toward a new you.

I will be your secret weapon empowering you to reclaim your passion and strengthen your character. Together, I’ll help you create a passionate, courageous, and exciting life.

You will never achieve more than your current level of ZEAL. The Aspire Coaching process is designed to help you up your ZEAL level.

What clients appreciate most

Clarity of vision

Discovering purpose that empowers

Letting go of limiting beliefs, behaviors, & habits 

More fulfilling relationships

Living the best version of themselves

Having a north star mission statement that keeps them aligned

Exuding confident but grounded executive presence

Strength of character to face life’s challenges

Client Testimonials

I began working with Randy at perhaps the most critical point in my life. Facing uncertainty in my family, my employment and my health, Randy guided me through a discovery process to objectively understand how I had arrived in my present circumstances. He helped me to establish healthy coping mechanisms. Despite having stumbled along the way, Randy suspended judgment and came alongside me to help me to rediscover my strengths while improving my self-awareness. His coaching style flexed according to my need – ranging from supportive encourager to firm accountability partner. He guided me through a process of establishing clear goals and objectives that brought alignment to parts of my life that had become compartmentalized and divergent. Randy’s consistent communications and follow-up inspired me to strive for my best, and he equipped me with tools and resources that provided me with daily insights allowing me to expand my perspective and to measure my progress in a meaningful way.  

Randy is an experienced executive who has the unique ability to relate well to people of all ages. It was second-nature for him to work with me, a middle-aged professional. And yet, he also regularly works with adolescents and young adults. I believe it is his exceptional empathy that allows him to be able to connect so easily with different age groups. His empathy coupled with a deep desire to have positive influence in others’ lives make him extraordinarily relatable. I am thankful for Randy, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone seeking a coach or mentor.

Lyndon E.

Randy worked with and counseled me for almost 2 years. Those two years were some of the most challenging of my life and during that time Randy was patient, kind, encouraging a great listener and gave me great insight and support. After every meeting I felt better about myself and my situation. I am greatful for his leadership and great skill.

Kevin C.

Randy is an exceptional leader who has helped guide me both personally and professionally. He’s given me the tools and insights to overcome my own limiting beliefs. With Randy’s help, I was able to implement a step by step action plan and grow to be a leader in my organization. I’m so thankful for Randy’s guidance and friendship. I highly recommend Randy for anyone who is looking to make lasting impactful changes in their life.

Steven R.

Randy has been leading my son on his walk with Jesus for the past 4 years, first as a table leader in 4th & 5th grade and then as his Junior High Life Group leader. Not only has he encouraged his desire to learn about God, but who God has created him to be. He has been a wonderful mentor and trusted friend to my son, sharing highs of baptism to lows as he struggles with his value as a teenager in today’s climate. Randy has provided a space for my son to question and search for answers that can be difficult for kids to trust parents with. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for Randy’s desire to assist the youth of today to become tomorrow’s men of honor. 5

Mindy J.

Coaching is about relationships and connection. Our journey together begins with an exploratory call

ZEAL Includes:

One-on-One Meetings: Most clients prefer to meet twice a month. A bi-monthly pace allows time for you to make meaningful progress toward your goals. 

You’ll create a clear vision of what you want to accomplish in the first few sessions. You must zoom in to focus on measurable action steps. 

To truly commit to a goal, we must be realistic about what must be given up. You will erase specific actions, traits, and habits that are not aligned with your goals.

After, eliminating hindrances, you will determine the actions essential to achieving your goals. Together we will put into action new habits and steps creating a realistic and achievable plan. 

Finally, I’ll support you in leveraging new resources to become the person who lives the goals you have set. Writing and memorizing a mission statement and one-word declaration will become your true north for keeping you on track, and I will teach you how to be optimally focused on the goals ahead. 

I will be with you each step, providing insight, experience, and accountability. We will celebrate the accomplishments and reclaim the setbacks as you embark to fulfill your potential.

My heart breaks for people everywhere who are living disillusioned and unfulfilling lives. Their lives of quiet desperation will impact their relationships and their children’s lives for generations. Events of the last several years have been disruptive in the least and severely traumatic for many of us. Compounding disappointments and challenges have left most of us exhausted and disillusioned. I aspire to support you in developing the resilience and inner strength necessary to thrive in turbulent times. My process and One-on-One Coaching will put you on the right path to creating a fulfilling life and leading through adversity.

About me

Randy Free is a resiliency life coach for all professionals and a mentor to adolescent males. A passionate self-improvement advocate for over three decades, he has mentored hundreds of colleagues and guided them to achieve their true potential. Through his leadership, professionals have been empowered with the tools to thrive in turbulent times.

Starting from the humble beginnings of a rice farming community in Texas, Randy built his career as an international tax expert through hard work and mentorship. Having spoken to thousands, he’s widely sought after for his insights. His experience includes building and scaling teams worldwide, including in Australia and Singapore. After climbing the ranks and attaining partner status in a global accounting firm, Randy realized he was being called to a higher level of service to serve others by guiding them in building the resilience required of today’s leaders.

As founder of Aspire Coaching, Randy leverages the same leadership and coaching skills he used to guide fortune 500 CEOs in boardrooms to impact his clients’ lives positively. He is known for using the superpower of X-ray vision to see what has not been revealed, hear what has not been spoken, connect in authentic ways, and to model the power of vulnerability.